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    Basic knowledge of electronic components
    Electronic components, nothing more than to resistance, capacitance, inductance, diodes, transistors, etc., often appear in the circuit components.
    Basic knowledge of electronic components - resistors
    A resistor, a symbol of R and a unit of ohms, is a current limiting element that represents the size of the conductor's resistance to the current. Can be divided into wirewound resistors, carbon film resistors, resistor, insurance sensitive resistor etc., which according to the different characteristics of sensitive sensitive resistor, it can be divided into varistor, thermistor, and photosensitive resistance. It has been widely used in various circuits, such as voltage divider, shunt, impedance matching, filtering and other functions.
    Two, basic knowledge of electronic components - Capacitors
    Capacitance, the symbol is C, the unit is Fala, is a kind of loading container, composed of two metal plates and a layer of insulating medium, with "AC, DC resistance" characteristics. In the circuit, it has many functions, such as coupling, filtering, decoupling, resonance, bypass, neutralization, differentiation, integration, and so on.
    Three, basic knowledge of electronic components - Inductors
    Inductance, the symbol is L, the unit is Henry, is a kind of electric energy can be converted into magnetic energy storage elements, also known as choke, reactor, etc.. The inductor completes the function of preventing the change of the current; the inductor will try to block the current that flows through without current flow, and try to keep the current flowing when the current flows. It has the characteristics of "DC, AC resistance", often with the capacitor in the form of LC circuit.
    Four, basic knowledge of electronic components - diodes
    Diode is a device with only two electrodes, in fact, is a P type semiconductor and N type semiconductor PN junction. The utility model has the characteristics of "forward conduction and reverse cut off", which only allows the current to flow in a single direction, and can complete the functions of rectification, detection, voltage regulation, etc. in the circuit. According to their different purposes, can also be divided into rectifier diodes, detector diodes, zener diodes, light-emitting diodes, switching diodes and other.
    Five, basic knowledge of electronic components - transistor
    Transistor is a device with three electrodes, called bipolar transistor, the transistor, essentially two PN junction is a semiconductor substrate which can be divided into the base region and the emitter region and the collector region, which leads to the base and the collector electrode, the transmitter three, according to the structure can be will be divided into NPN type and PNP type.
    Triode is a kind of semiconductor device with current control current. It has many functions, such as current amplification, switching and substitution.
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