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    Pin jack is the core of aviation plug
    Technical specification for electrical connector of contact material: the same contact gauge made of different materials.
    The positive pressure of the positive pressure air plug contact is the force that the surface of the contact surface is generated and perpendicular to the contact surface. Xintai solid copper said with normal pressure increases, the number and area of contact points increased gradually, at the same time the contact points from elastic deformation to plastic deformation. The contact resistance is reduced due to the decrease of the central resistance. The contact pressure depends mainly on the geometry and material properties of the contact.
    Surface state. The contact surface is due to dust, oil, rosin, the membrane surface mechanical contact deposition formed loose, this layer of membrane with particulate matter easily embedded in the micro pits at the contact surface, the contact area is reduced, the increase of contact resistance, and unstable. Two is: due to the physical adsorption and chemical adsorption of the formation of the film, the surface of the aviation plug is mainly chemical adsorption, it is in the physical adsorption with the electron migration. Therefore, some of the high reliability of products, such as aviation aerospace plug must have the assembly environment clean, cleaning process and perfect the necessary structural sealing measures, using the unit must have the conditions of storage and use of good operating environment.
    Xintai solid copper represents the use of voltage the voltage reaches a certain value close, will make contact film breakdown, and the contact resistance decreases rapidly. However, due to the thermal effect accelerates the chemical reaction in the vicinity of the film, the film has a certain role in the repair. So the resistance is nonlinear. In the near threshold voltage, small fluctuations in voltage drop will cause current may change twenty times or several times within the scope of.
    When the current exceeds a certain value, the Joule heat generated by the electric contact of the contact point of the contact part of the aviation plug causes the metal to soften or melt, which will have an influence on the centralized resistance, and then the contact resistance is reduced.
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