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    How can the connector be poorly contacted?
    With the development of science and technology, the electronic equipment becomes more and more complex, and the performance requirements are higher and higher. The requirements of electronic components are more and more strict. Xintai solid copper said performance, reliability of connector is directly affect the performance and reliability of electronic equipment. This makes the electrical connector structure design, manufacturing process, assembly and other process links more difficult, more unreliable factors, and become more complex. Therefore, the research on the methods of reliability maintenance and detection of connectors becomes more and more important.
    The connector is generally PIN needle between the connector and pin socket contact connection, we know that the components of the pin or terminal, there is usually a layer of coating, such as terne alloy, pure tin plating, nickel plating, silver plating, silver palladium alloy, gold plating, etc.. So the contact between components is actually the contact between these coating metals. Of course, the conductivity of different coating metals is different, and the corresponding contact resistance is also different. The conductivity of general gold is better, so the. In welding process, because welding is actually an alloy forming process, the alloy itself is a good conductor, so the reliability of the welding itself is relatively high, unless the welding is not good. However, the connection between the connectors depends on the contact between the surfaces, so it is easy to lead to poor contact. Then, the connector is bad, we detected usually by what method? The next Xintai to introduce solid copper:
    1 、 transient detection
    Some connectors are used in a dynamic vibration environment. The experiment shows that only by checking whether the static contact resistance is qualified, the contact reliability in dynamic environment can not be guaranteed. Because often contact connector in vibration resistance is qualified, there is still the phenomenon such as the impact of the instantaneous power simulation environment test, therefore, some of the high reliability of connectors, preferably 100% dynamic vibration test of the contact reliability assessment.
    2, single hole separation force test
    The separation force of a single hole refers to the separation force of the contact in the inserted state from static to motion. It is used to characterize the contact between the pin and the jack. The experiment shows that the separation force of single hole is too small, and it may cause the signal to break when it is subjected to vibration and impact loading. Checking the contact reliability by measuring the separating force of single hole is more effective than measuring contact resistance. The inspection found that the single hole separation force is too poor for the jack, and the measurement of contact resistance is often still qualified. To this end, the production plant in addition to the development of a new generation of flexible inserting contact contact is stable and reliable, should not be used for key models using automatic insertion force test machine more homogeneous, finished 100% points with single hole separation force check, to prevent individual relaxation caused transient fault signal jack.
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