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    How does an inductor work?
    Inductance is a passive electronic component that can store electric energy in the form of magnetic flux. Usually the direction of a wire winding, when an electric current is passed, it will produce a magnetic field from the right side of the current flow direction.
    The inductance value is calculated as follows. The more volumes, the stronger the magnetic field. At the same time, the larger the cross-sectional area, or change the magnetic core can enhance the magnetic field.
    So let's see what happens when the AC current passes through the inductor. Alternating current is the current that varies with the time and the direction of the current. When alternating current is passed through the inductor, the magnetic field generated by the current cuts the other windings so as to produce a reverse voltage, thereby impeding the current change. Especially when the current suddenly increases, and the current in the opposite direction, that is, the direction of the current reduction will be generated, to prevent the increase in current. Conversely, when the current is reduced, the direction of the current increase.
    If the direction of the current reversal, the reverse voltage will also produce. When the current is blocked by the reverse voltage, the current will be reversed, and the current will not flow.
    On the other hand, because the current will not change, the DC voltage will not occur, there is no risk of short circuit. In other words, an inductor is a component that allows direct current to pass through, but not by alternating current.
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