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    How to use the power socket safely and correctly
    But most people do not understand the socket board there are many security risks, Yuhuan County Xintai electronics factory to remind the general public, with the socket board, always pay attention to the safety of electricity.
    1, avoid wet hand plug plug
    There is water to plug the plug, because water is a conductor, will lead to electric shock accidents.
    2, prohibit the hand holding the power cord plug
    On the elderly, plug and plug, in order to prevent electric shock, very careful. Unplug the power cord, do not pinch the plug, pull the power cord, pull the power cord, the number of times, the power cord and plug connection to pull off, resulting in the power supply can not be normal. Pull off the parts prone to short circuit, leakage, causing fire and electric shock accident. Therefore, the use of hand holding the power cord plug.
    3, found that the plug and socket replacement
    When the outlet temperature is too high or the arc, ignition, plug and socket contact is bad. When the plug is loose or tight. Should be stopped and replaced in time.
    4, to avoid the old socket extended service
    Socket use time is too long. Beyond its normal service life. Is a common problem in the use of sockets in rural areas, especially in recent years, migrant workers from the city to bring back the old socket, there are many security risks when used. Socket has its own life, at present, China's rural families have a considerable part of the socket (including other power supply facilities) long service life, beyond its normal service life. After the socket exceeds the service life, the copper part of the internal connector is aging, and the shell is not well insulated. When in use, the phenomenon that the shell can be charged and contacted is likely to happen at any time. Therefore, consumers should have socket life concept, so that the old socket to retire on time.
    5, avoid the small horse carts"
    Socket has a primary indicator of rated current. Requirements of the plug socket of the rated current should not be greater than the rated current of the socket, that is, not to use a pony to pull the cart, or socket will heat, affecting the life, damage to electrical appliances and even cause a fire. Special attention, do not air conditioning, microwave ovens and other high-power household appliances inserted in the rated current value of the small socket.
    6, plug often wipe
    The electrical plug should be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will plug in polar dust or gradually increase the contact resistance of Pseudomonas, sockets and plugs, produce high temperature when in use, thereby affecting the service life of the socket or burn the socket, and even the fire.
    7, socket and plug should not be replaced socket, avoid changing the size and shape of the plug
    Many families to buy appliances, if the plug and plug in the home does not match. Instead of replacing the socket, instead of changing the size or shape of the plug. The most common is the tripod plug in the ground breaking, inserted in the two sockets in use. The main hazard is to cause the plug and socket contact is bad (because the three eye plug is oblique feet), reduce the power supply reliability of household appliances, damage to household appliances and plug and socket. Even cause fire, the more serious problem is that the household appliances of the grounding metal shell. No grounding, the family of electrical appliances due to the failure of the shell charged, the human body will encounter an electric shock accident. A large number of statistical results show that: the use of household electrical shock caused by the death of most of the reasons for this. Therefore, the size and shape of the plug shall not be changed artificially when the specification of the electrical plug and socket is incorrect. Must take the method of changing the socket.
    8, the use of multi-purpose power socket
    The utility model has the advantages of convenient use, high efficiency, convenient operation, high cost, etc. the utility model has the advantages of convenient use and high cost, and the utility model is used by many families, especially the rural families, and the electric appliance inserted in the multi-purpose socket is often opened at the same time. This seems to be very convenient, but in fact a lot of drawbacks, there are many unexpected hazards. First, the power supply voltage drop. Because of the use of sockets and power lines are connected to the rated capacity, a variety of household appliances in the same multi-purpose socket on the same time open the use, will inevitably lead to the transient current is too large. Lead to voltage drop, thus affecting the normal operation of electrical equipment. If the voltage drop is too large, it will damage some electrical appliances. Two is to burn the power lead cause fire. A variety of electrical appliances with a multi-purpose socket, especially high power appliances and use for a long time, and the power socket lead serious overload operation, too tired, heat does not go out, easy to burn out the fire caused by melting the insulating layer. Three is caused by short circuit. Multi socket jack too much. Problems such as improper distance design, lack of accuracy, etc.. The existence of these problems. Will enable users to plug the plug in the process of long-term lead to short-circuit or even an electric shock accident. To avoid the use of multiple socket causing harm, users are advised to avoid: two or more than two kinds of high power appliances using a multi-purpose socket, often for some mobile appliances can use the multi-purpose socket, but need to be used carefully, do not open at the same time a variety of electrical appliances, to avoid overload, and ensure the safe use of.
    9, put an end to the power plug directly into the socket
    Do not use plug and socket connections in rural and some construction sites. Will generally take power leads directly into the socket, with a small stick, a screwdriver into the socket, power line plug wire. Power supply and socket using this method, often lead to poor contact, short circuit, light burned socket is heavy fire and personal electric shock accident. According to the national standard. The power supply and the power supply connection of the movable electric appliance must be qualified with the plug or through the other switch
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