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    Socket type
    People used to ask people what they want to live, and many people will answer questions about air, water, and some living things. Now most people will answer, cell phone, WIFI and charger. People's work, life, entertainment and a variety of electronic products are closely related, if the power cut, it will feel the body was emptied. The importance of the socket converter is revealed, it can not only charge the phone, but also to the laptop, P2P and other devices to charge, is a modern life essential artifact".
    Structure of socket converter
    The shell of the socket converter is made of plastic material, but this kind of plastic is a kind of fire retardant material, which has the grade of UL94V-0, which is not only resistant to high temperature, but also resistant to vibration and can withstand the high voltage of 3000v. The inner part of the metal is made of phosphor bronze, this material is very environmentally friendly, and has a strong elasticity, after the test proved that even if it is not more than 12000 times.
    Socket converter circuit design is very safe, can avoid the occurrence of excessive current situation, so it can prevent lightning strikes, the use of more security in thunderstorm days. Its core components are certified by international institutions, such as the United States UL, the United Kingdom BSI, Europe's VDE, etc., the security level is very good, the probability of a normal use of the risk of small.
    Socket converter function
    We know that all kinds of electrical equipment plug design is different, so the electrical appliances and all the different unified a certain kind of socket. And some products are designed to be different because of the manufacturers, the use of special intelligent socket. For example, used to charge the phone socket and battery charger for charging the battery is different. People in order to avoid the phone and battery car when going out is not enough, so you need to bring a socket for charging. But with two sockets not only heavy, and very troublesome, then if we use the socket converter, this problem can be easily solved.
    There are different types of charging socket in different countries, such as the United States and the British socket socket is different, which will lead to power can not be connected. At this time if there is a socket converter, then still be able to connect the power supply charge.
    Therefore, the socket converter is a device that allows a variety of devices to obtain power, but also to make different countries socket type conversion. For people who can not leave the electronic equipment and practical.
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