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    Wire drawing machine is mainly used

    Wire drawing machine is mainly used for copper wire, stainless steel wire and other metal cable material processing, cable manufacturing industry an important processing equipment.

    Drawing machine of straight into the principle that is the introduction, absorption, digestion technology development and production of high-grade wire drawing machine. Suitable for drawing Ф under 14 mm of all kinds of metal wire, applicable scope of drawing with spring steel wire, wire rope, cord, medicine wire welding wire, steel wire, bead wire gas shielded welding wire, aluminum wire, prestressed steel wire, rubber hose steel wire and all kinds of low, medium and high carbon steel wire, etc. Xintai said the machine features: solid copper needle roller slit type water-cooling combined with forced air cooling; Wire drawing die direct water cooling; Powerful combination of narrow v-belt transmission adopts level + planar double enveloping worm gear pair drive or use two levels of strong combination of narrow v-belt transmission; Totally enclosed protection system; Gas tension tuned; Ac frequency conversion control technology; The fieldbus or d/a conversion technology; Touch screen display. This series unit class is high, safe and convenient operation, and effectively reduce the twisting, improve the quality of the products of the steel wire and power saving, energy saving, greatly reduces the production cost.

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